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Website on Persuasion

If your paper is rejected it is because somewhere, somehow, you did not convince the peer reviewer. A good article published in a medical journal reviews the reasons for rejection. Trisha Greenhalgh wrote an article for reviewers entitled "How to read a paper: getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about)". One of its subtitles is "The science of 'trashing' papers".  The paper is about clinical research studies.


Another interesting paper also in clinical studies is written by Arthur Croft. It is entitled "Scientific Writing: Discriminating Good from Bad". You will find this articles at the following URL:


Logical fallacies abound in scientific writing. Scientists unknowingly fall prey to logical fallacies. It matters to be aware of what they are. An excellent article by Stephen Richardson entitled "Logical Fallacies in Scientific Writing" disappeared from its original website, possibly because it applies logic to the heated arguments between the creationists and the evolutionists, but reappeared here: