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A PH D is not enough

Peter J. Feibelman

The book is worth buying. I bought twenty copies and use it in my seminars on scientific writing. With 109 small pages of large text divided in eight chapters, the book is read in a few hours only.

I like this book because every time I re-read it, I discover new wisdom. Professor Feibelman is not only a good scientist with a broad experience, he is also a good writer. You will find information on his book at the following address:


You may be curious to know how I use this book in the seminar: I have the participants read chapter 4 entitled "Writing Papers: Publishing Without Perishing", 13 short pages in all . I then break participants into groups and ask them questions on the writing process, the relative importance of the various parts of a scientific paper, a successful publishing strategy, and the qualities that a successful publishing scientist should possess. This chapter contains the answers to all. Its richness is astonishing. No wonder Carl Djerassi, in a quote prominently featured on top of the cover, writes "It took me over forty years to learn from experience what can be learned in one hour from this guide".