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Expectations-writing from reader's perspective

George D.Gopen
George D.Gopen is a very interesting and provocative writer. I wrote a review of his book which was published on Amazon.com. Here is the address where you will find more about the book:

Here is the review:

"I have been teaching Scientific writing. I helped many scientists but nobody was helping me understand why the sentences I had rewritten were far better than the originals, why paragraphs had regained energy and clarity. This made it difficult for me to transfer my knowledge to others. Then... through a Scientific American article, I discovered George Gopel and this book. I appreciated George Gopel's thoughfulness: Part two of his book is for us, teachers of writing. Entitled "Pedagogy", it shares George's methods; It also answers the students' common objections to the reader approach. The book's appendix provides an interesting historical perspective on the topic. I recommend this book without reserve."
After reading this book, while home schooling my son, I discovered to my great surprise that in French schools they teach 9th graders the same principles in the (dreaded) grammar books. Who likes grammar, is it not enough to enjoy reading and not worry about why we are enjoying it? Text progression techniques are so essential to reading speed and clarity of understanding, yet they are too succinctly presented in books on writing, often under a "transitions" heading . What a shame!